THE TOOLS LISTED BELOW were developed in sleepless nights.

The Password Manager

v.1.2.3 for NT-system

A Python based password manager/generator uses strong AES-256 encryption to store password database

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Ransom Repo

Full source codes related to Ransomware Developement ( Python, C )

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Python Repo

A fully python powered repo, Many scripts for various kinds of work.

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FB-Videos Downloader

For NT-system

Single-Click facebook videos downloader, programmer in python ( binary release )

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For NT-system

A program which delete tracks of usage from system, Disable services that can help in forensic investigation of system

Under Dev Release

Jio Mifi3

For NT-system

An windows program to check Jio's MiFi3 device informations ( i.e Battery level, total downloaded/uploaded data, data rate ) .

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Windows Cheatsheet

An vast collection of window commands for various works.

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Windows Command line Secure file Upload/Download tool ( source code/binary release ).

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Privacy check

A List of POC to show how your browser say no to privacy.

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Battery status

Check your mobile/computer battery status ( using html battery api ).

Check my battery

Exifool ( Web Based )

Remove Exif/Meta data from photos before sharing on the internet or locate image on Google Maps.

Goto Exifool

Metasploit Cheatsheet

Made Just because i know so many commands that i forget them easily or get them mixed.

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Exif Remove

Remove exif data from all digital pictures in current directory with just a single command.



Advanced Netstat Using Python For Windows

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Trace IP/Url's City, State, Lat, long information with free MaxMind Database

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